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Get your Murder Mystery Party off to a killer start by visiting Chippy's Omaha After Hours.

Chippy's corporate office has opened its doors to the public and is now offering our wonderfully decorated conference room as the perfect themed venue for your Very British Murder Mystery Party.

With themes such as "Last Stop: Murder", "Secret Agent: Dead is Forever", and our kid-friendly "Murder of the High Wizard", your guests will be immersed in an evening of mystery. Optional food & drink from the British Isles is also offered through our After Hours Menu. For booking, please follow the instructions below. For more information, please call Chippy's Omaha at (402) 330-3020.

PRIVATE EVENTS (8-10 guests): $49 booking fee due now (non-refundable) and $19.99 per guest due at check-in the day of your scheduled event.

MYSTERY MIXER NIGHTS (1-7 guests): Scheduled the last Thursday of each month, join other smaller groups to form one large party hosted by our very own Kate Rainwater. There is no $49 booking fee to be part of a Mixer Night, but the $19.99 per guest fee is due on booking and is non-refundable.

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